Mass production under the order

Plastic products

Zaharich Company offers plastic products producing for order to all clients: from small businesses to large industrial and commercial companies. We provide an individual approach to every client and ensure for the successful result.

Manufacture of metal products

produces metal products using modern high-precision equipment with all stages of processing. We provide manufacturing according to customer drawings, according to sketches or samples (in this case, we develop the documentation ourselves). We carry out work of all kinds of complexity on time and comply with international requirements for product quality.

Rubber production

Manufacturing of rubber products of all types of complexity for various industries. We produce items according to customer drawings or a sample, and are also ready to draw up project documentation for the customer’s technical specification. We implement individual solutions: from design development to selection of material, from piece to serial production.

production video

One example of the production of plastic packaging.
About us

Manufacture and wholesale of any products from rubber, plastic and metals

The steadily growing plastic founding factory offers the services of mass production of various products from rubber, polymers by stamping and injection molding. It includes the manufacture of products of various configurations from alloys of aluminum, copper, some types of steel and other materials.

Our Mission

The priority area of ​​our company is to work on export and cooperation with mass producers on a long-term contract.

Our Goal

We consider any mutually beneficial proposals for the manufacture of plastic products, rubber products and metals with a convenient and flexible payment system on the terms of the customer.


Why is it beneficial to cooperate with us?

The contract

Before starting work, we must sign a contract.

High accuracy

We produce parts accurate to microns.


We always hand over projects on time specified in the contract.

Worldwide shipping

We already have logistic companies that will deliver both samples and all products.

Support 24/7

Our consultants and specialists are in touch 24 hours a day.

Online streaming

You will be able to see how the production process goes through video communication.

  • We produce complex injection molding.

We use about 5 types of materials, 10 casting methods and more than 2000 types of finished products.

  • We solve your requests professionally and quickly.

We cast products into molds for an individual order or customer form.

  • We manufacture and sell stamped products in large volumes

We carry out mass molding of products for order of varying complexity from rubber, metal, polymers and other materials

High-precision equipment and experience of 10 years gives us the opportunity to produce items of the highest quality, which correspond all European standards and is in high demand, both in Ukraine and abroad.

We produce: “rubber bushings tabs … etc.”

And also we will produce any other products according to your desire and order details.

A small staff of our company consists of an engineering and production department. We approach with great responsibility to the staff choosing. Before work, specialists undergo thorough preliminary training, and also regularly improve their skills.

  1. We offer a reasonable stable price corresponding to high quality products.
  2. We guarantee a safe transaction, a European standard of products, a thorough check of the order before departure and the replacement of the defects.
  3. We provide a variety of castings and master a new type of product for a minimum period due to the multifunctional organization of the production process.
  4. We provide a full-cycle production service for stamped products.
  5. We guarantee that the order will be completed at time and that all points of the contract are complied with.

Mutually beneficial cooperation…

  • Transfer a sketch, drawing, sample or model of the ready-made product
  • Mark the material (brand) and the desired physical and technological characteristics
  • Indicate quantity
  • Indicate the desired production time
  • Provide additional information if necessary
  • Get an online quote in a short time

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