Zaharich Company is a manufacturer of casting molds, plastic, rubber and metal products. We have extensive experience and created modern production for the implementation of projects of any complexity. Clients can get the service of founding for order with a full cycle: from the development of technical documentation to the manufacture of finished batch.

Facts about Zaharich company:

  • 2000 square meters of production space;
  • round-the-clock production;
  • 3000 and more ready-made products per day.

Our plastic founding factory is focused on manufacturing products for order. At the same time, a team of 10 specialists is working on one client project. That is why customers receive a good quality product cooperating with us.

We take into account technical requirements, international standards, can cooperate with engineers from the customer. Finished products are sent to any country in the world, using the services of a reliable logistic company.

The production equipment of the Zaharich factory is automatic lathes for the production of metal round products, presses for stamping parts, presses for rubber processing, machine tools for the manufacture of molds, equipment for the production of plastic products of all sizes, shapes and complexity options.

The product range includes hundreds of types of typical and unique products for industry, automotive, commercial and consumer services, construction, medicine and other areas.

Most modern products from plastic, rubber or metal are supplied with additional elements – for example, electronic ones. In order to establish the mass production of such products, we cooperate with contractors who are developing and arranging the assembly of additional parts of the set.

  1. Customer application. Initial discussion of the project.
  2. Data analysis: finished technical specification, project, sketch, product sample.
  3. Preparation of technical documentation, selection of production solutions and materials.
  4. Creating a project and three-dimensional visualization of future products, coordination with the customer.
  5. Signing the contract, receiving an advance payment.
  6. Creating a mold, founding for order a trial product / batch or (as agreed) mass production.
  7. Formation of a batch of products in own warehouse, prompt shipment to the country of the customer with the necessary accompanying documents.

We guarantee a professional approach, corresponding to deadlines and standards. Ready-made products will correspond to the design dimensions and will deliver without rejection. We offer the best prices for the production of products for order.

The company’s team is specialists with years of experience: professional engineering staff, machine operators, experts who know all the details of production and equipment capabilities. We are accustomed to working with individual orders, so we are ready for discoveries, solving complex problems, and meeting the individual needs of each customer.

If you are interested in manufacturers of plastic products that can quickly penetrate into your production needs, find individual solutions, we recommend contacting Zaharich Company. We will manufacture for our clients the products of varying complexity, the components of your products, packaging and other product options from plastic, rubber and metal.

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