Mold making

Mold making

One of Zaharich Company`s specialties is the manufacture of injection molds for the production of plastic products by founding method from thermoplastics and thermosets.

Using molds, it is possible to organize mass production with an affordable cost of each unit of production. We have turnkey manufacturing available: from project development to creating high-quality molds.

Production capabilities

The producing of molds for the press and plastic founding will allow you to establish mass production of a wide range of products. Among them:

  • children’s toys;
  • equipment for laboratory and medical use;
  • components of vehicles;
  • small parts and fittings;
  • stationery;
  • parts and housings of household appliances;
  • furniture and more.

Press + to open

Founding molds consist of two parts: a fixed die and a movable punch. They come in direct contact with the molding material. The quality of the cast products depends on the accuracy of their design and manufacture.

A gating system is provided for supplying the melt. Thermo- and thermosetting plastics are fed into the mold under pressure, due to which the molding material fills all the cavities (even the smallest ones). The material hardens in a few seconds thanks to the cooling system. The ready-made product is pushed out of a special slot.

We can produce single and multi-place molds, depending on the required number of simultaneously formed products. Using multi-seat molds, you can increase the production of small parts and significantly reduce their cost.

Collection of information

Having received the application, we clarify the necessary list of data: product parameters, purpose, design features, etc. You can provide a project, a three-dimensional model, a photo or send a finished sample. If you have only a photo or a sketch, we develop all project documentation on our own.

Model creation

Part of the design process is the development of a 3D model. This allows you to provide all the subtleties and make the mold without errors.

Manufacturing and assembly

We use modern high-precision CNC machines. Therefore, the manufacture of molds for order is fully consistent with the design parameters.


After assembling the ready-made mold, we carry out the casting of the test specimen and check it for flaws, for accuracy and symmetry. If necessary, we make improvements.

Sending to customer

The client receives a mold, as well as all necessary documents (project files, instructions).

Please note:

we have created the conditions for the mass production of plastic products based on the ready-made mold. If you are interested in a comprehensive service, discuss it with a company representative.

Cooperating with us, you`ll get:

● a range of services, including mold design;

● responsible attitude to terms and requirements;

● quality in accordance with international standards;

● affordable price, even taking into account shipping costs.

Our partner is a reliable logistic company. It sends finished products to any country in the world, with an optimal ratio of delivery time and cost.

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