Plastic products

Plastic products manufacturing

Zaharich Company offers plastic products producing for order to all clients: from small businesses to large industrial and commercial companies. We provide an individual approach to every client and ensure for the successful result.

We produce plastic items for order with full production cycle that includes:

  • Design development;
  • Material selection;
  • Project working;
  • Molds making;
  • Products production in the right quantity (if necessary – mass production).

Technology features

Injection molding is the transformation of plastics from granular to liquid under high temperature exposure. Then the material is injected into the mold, exactly follows its contours and freezes in this position. We perform the following steps of working process:

  1. Designing molds. We develop design documentation, calculate the technical parameters of the mold, take into account the design features, dimensions, necessary serial production, the operating conditions of finished products.
  2. Molds producing in strict accordance with the project, and then a mandatory series of tests, checking and refilling of prototypes before the start of series production.
  1. Plastic product`s production. We fix the molds on injection molding machines, set up the equipment and start the production of a series by injection molding, with strict adherence to technology.
  2. Transfer to the warehouse, delivery to the client. We transfer finished products to our own warehouses, equipped with modern solutions for safe storage. The ready-made series is quickly sent to the customer in a convenient way.

The benefits of our partner cooperation

We produce plastic products around the clock, observing the requirements of the customer, promptly, without violating the deadlines.

Modern equipment, qualified operators, technologists and service engineers have enough experience to achieve the highest level of quality.

All products undergo a full visual inspection. We tale several units from the finished batch for providing selective control of compliance with standards.

We provide the production of plastic products, including the implementation of complex and unique projects. We do the things that no one else has done before us.

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