Production of metal items

Production of metal items

Zaharich Company produces metal products using modern high-precision equipment with all stages of processing. We provide manufacturing according to customer drawings, according to sketches or samples (in this case, we develop the documentation ourselves). We carry out work of all kinds of complexity on time and comply with international requirements for product quality.

Modern production conditions

Equipping the production area of the company allows you to perform a full range of work: the manufacture of molds and further founding, the producing of metal products on CNC machines (turning and milling, cutting and bending), as well as metal stamping.


Our machine park includes machines for EDM, milling, grinding and turning groups. All equipment and tools used are exclusively from leading world brands. Saving resources and materials, high accuracy are the characteristics of the work of modern machines.


This made it possible to organize the production of metal products with the minimum possible time and financial costs for the organization of the process. Ready-made products have an optimal cost and meet the standards.

Works and materials

In the manufacturing process, we carry out the following types of work:

  • cutting;
  • bending, stamping, cutting;
  • grinding;
  • hole machining;
  • fillet processing;
  • threading;
  • chamfering;
  • stippling;
  • slotting, etc.

We work with such materials: aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, stainless steel.

Rate the benefits

We answer calls and conduct correspondence in English, Russian and Ukrainian. We communicate when it is convenient for the client.

The production operates in a 24-hour format, which allows you to plan any amount of work on time.

Qualified personnel and precision equipment are a guarantee that you will receive products that meet your expectations.

All processes (design, production, batch equipment, shipping) are perfectly debugged.

We work cheaper than your partners nearby. At the same time, we provide similar high quality. A reliable shipping company will deliver the ready-made product by sea, air or land.

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