Molding of rubber products

Manufacture of rubber products

Zaharich Company provides manufacturing of rubber products of all types of complexity for various industries. We produce items according to customer drawings or a sample, and are also ready to draw up project documentation for the customer’s technical specification. We implement individual solutions: from design development to selection of material, from piece to serial production.

We produce such rubber products:

  • molding products for various purposes (caps, seals, protective elements, etc.);
  • non-shaped rubber products;
  • rubberizing parts for different purposes.

Technology features

We can produce standard and unique rubber products in accordance with customer specifications.

What indicators do we take into account during production? Operating conditions, hardness, depreciation properties, wear resistance, temperature limits, the maximum possible durability and reliability.

We organize the production of rubber products for metallurgy, automotive, medicine, household products and other areas. You just need to contact the company for details of the order.

The benefits of our partner cooperation

We produce rubber products for order according to an idea, a drawing or a finished sample. We are working on a full cycle, including the preparation of technical documentation, the development and manufacture of equipment, the selection of the mixture and the production of the necessary batch of products.

We can work in a team with the customer’s engineers to collectively create a technical task and solve production issues, or do the work ourselves.

Our company uses rubber founding technology: it is the injection into the closed form of the prepared rubber mixture under pressure and further vulcanization. Such an approach reduces the time spent on reaching the final stage of a product by 20-30% and minimizes the scrap rate.

At our factory, the founding under pressure is fully automated: the process is conducted around the clock, which allows you to carry out any order quantities with deadlines. The advantages of rubber founding beside pressing:

  • high performance;
  • exact compliance with the parameters;
  • economy of rubber compound;
  • high quality of ready-made products.

Ordering the production of rubber products in the Zaharich Company, you get the following benefits:

  1. There is no minimum lot – we produce from one unit.
  2. Compliance with the production time due to round-the-clock operation of the enterprise.
  3. Compliance with product quality standards.
  4. Readiness of products for full operation.
  5. Implementation of projects of varying complexity.
  6. Guaranteed compliance with exact sizes and shapes.
  7. Using quality materials.

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